Crisis Management

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“The best approach for managing reputational risk and brand damage related to a corporate crisis is to assess the facts and develop a strategy, with the benefit of attorney-client privilege; to contain adverse implications both before and after the incident becomes public.”

We offer unrivaled expertise in crisis management. We have the ability to simultaneously provide legal advice and act as public relations consultants. Our team members are veterans at addressing legal, political and media crises.

As one of the leading legal crisis management experts in the country, Lanny Davis has handled numerous high profile clients during the most scandalous times in their lives. Lanny is a practicing attorney, providing legal advice that includes crisis management and media strategies that affect legal outcomes.

We provide counsel to manage crises from experiences navigating them on the inside.

Click here to read a piece by Lanny Davis on why lawyers are the best crisis managers and the advantages of the attorney-client privilege.

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