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Lanny J. Davis’ Group Named To Offer Crisis Expertise With Protection of Attorney Client Privilege

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 18, 2013 – IronPro, the U.S. professional and management liability unit of Ironshore Inc., has introduced an insurance program to provide insureds with coverage for crisis events that pose potential public image risks. The product, “Ironshore CrisisShield,” provides insureds with coverage for professional service expenses relating to the development of response strategies that will potentially mitigate adverse reputation consequences of certain specified risk events.

CrisisShield is available by endorsement to IronPro insureds and covers pre- and post- crisis management event costs incurred by these services. Lanny J. Davis, former White House Special Counsel, and Mercedes Colwin, a managing partner for Gordon Rees, a national law firm, will deliver these professional services.

“Increasingly, executives face unprecedented risk exposures resulting from unforeseen events that threaten both the entity’s reputation and ongoing business operations,” said Greg Flood, President of IronPro. “Ironshore’s alignment with Lanny Davis, the Davis Legal Crisis Group, and Mercedes Colwin of Gordon & Rees offers insureds a valuable resource to anticipate and manage crisis events with proven strategic guidance and the extra security of attorney-client privilege.”

The CrisisShield endorsement specifies conditions and circumstances that trigger coverage for pre- and post- event crises, which potentially could result in reputational harm, brand damage and economic loss. Response costs are covered for a range of crisis occurrences, including executive misconduct, employment practices, bankruptcy, and cyber threats, among others.

“The best approach for managing reputational risk and brand damage related to a corporate crisis is to assess the facts and develop a strategy, with the benefit of attorney-client privilege; to contain adverse implications both before and after the incident becomes public,” stated Mr. Davis. “We welcome the opportunity in helping IronPro insured clients minimize the extent of damage resulting from a crisis by managing media controversy and minimizing reputational harm.”

“It is important to have a crisis management plan to handle controversies and a protocol to ensure communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege. The challenges companies face when it comes to protecting their brands and reputation are ever-present. Ironshore is invaluable for helping manage these real world crises,” Ms. Colwin said.

About Ironshore
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About Davis Legal Crisis Group
Lanny J. Davis, former White House Special Counsel to the Clinton administration, is a lawyer, crisis manager, consultant and author providing strategic counsel on crisis management and legal issues by combining legal, media and political strategies. The Davis Legal Crisis Group is comprised of advisors and attorneys with experience in both law and media crisis management to develop and manage communication programs surrounding litigation and crisis events. Mr. Davis recently published, “Crisis Tales: Five Rules For Coping with Crises In Business, Politics and Life,” by Simon and Shuster’s Threshold Editions

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